October 2011
Shortly after that first gathering in Reynold's Park, Occupy Madison (OM) moves to Veteran's Plaza, which sits where State Street meets the Capitol, in order to appease the concerns of the neighborhood.
Veteran's Plaza is where we hit our peak as a protest movement in all the most conventional and least important ways. At the time, we were all strangers, beginners, outsiders.
It was mid-October in Madison. That meant light jackets and pumpkins at the Saturday Farmer's Market on the Square. It meant cold wet nights.
For us, it still meant nightly General Assembilies(GA), run by a facilitation committee that met an hour early in Michelangelo's Coffee House's back room to put together agenda items. It meant almost daily marches to banks around the Square or the Wisconsin Manfacturers & Commerce building. It meant an info booth well-stocked with radical political literature and that very particular feeling you get whe you're out late in public with people your age and a paradigm shift seems just around the corner.

General Assemblies: A vehicle for direct democracy. May or may not use consensus. Must be open to all.
Process, Process, Process
Although activistis enjoy shouting and marching very much, we save our real viciousness for each other. We wage battles over points of order and develop elaborate strategems for ensuring our own voices can be heard. If you ask us what it is we're arguing about, we'll say we just want to promote an open and safe space. We call this arduous exercise "process".
Cardboard: What we slept on after Hap showed us where to find it.
November 2011
Due to the upcoming Freakfest event, OM worked with city police and moved to the Monona Terrace. After concerns were raised by Monona Terrace management, the asked us to move to 800 East Washington. GA accepted the decision.