OM Board of Directors

Allen Barcoff - Co-President 
Luca Clemente - Co-President 
Russ Albers- Vice President 
Carol Weidel - Secretary 
Bruce Wallbaum - Treasurer 
Matt Borman 
Linda Ketcham
Gene Cox
The Board of Directors acts as the decision making body for the nonprofit Occupy Madison, Inc (OMI). The Board acts as a liason between the City and the Village, makes financial decisions, and helps in guidance for issues that can't be resolved within the Village or Workgroups. The Board of Directors is a working Board, meaning they are also Workgroup members. Currently, two of the four stewards serve on OMI's Board of Directors. For more information, see the Board Member Position Description.
Current Board Members (2017):
Latest Board of Director Meeting Notes:
Occupy Madison Inc. Board of Directors Meeting 
March 26, 2017 
304 N Third Street 
7:00 pm 
Board Members: Luca Clemente, Allen Barkoff, Bruce Wallbaum, Matt Borman, Carol Weidel, Russ Albers  
Notified Absences: Gen Cox, Linda Ketcham 
Members: Peter G, Chris Derrick, Sofia Martinez 
1. Call to Order 
Luca called the meeting to order at 7:10.  The board rearranged the agenda, by consensus. 
2. Officers Reports 
a. Secretary  
Carol distributed copies of the February 26, 1017 BOD minutes. 
Allen and Bruce moved approval of the minutes.  The board approved. 
b. Treasurer  
The current balance is about $50,000.  
The status report (distributed) includes the Plant Sale & Auction. 
Watering has been uneven for the seeds and seedlings. 
Tomorrow (March 27) students will come to help. 
3. Residents 
No report 
4. Madison Board of Public Works  
Allen and Ed spoke about the bike path.  The BOPW made no decision. 
5. Box Emptied 
The contents of the box were distributed. 
6. Steward S Update
Closed Session 
7. Expenses for the fundraiser 
Bruce needs to spend about $2k for food, promotions and mailings for the May 13 Plant Sale and Auction.  The board approved the expenditure. 
8. Adjournment 
The board adjourned by consensus. 
recorded by Carol Weidel
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