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Public Supporters

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Many thanks to our public supporters!
Patrick Abresch
Sumiyo Amano
Glenn H Austin
Allen Barkoff
Robert Bauter Jr
Georgia Belling
Frank Benson
Robert Bloch
Michelle Bowman
Corey Bowman
Sue Breckenridge
Linda Brickson
Steve Burns, Madison College
Coco Bustamante
Alison Jones Chaim
Chad Chingwa
Steven Church
Trina Clemente
Kari Cooper
Rob Corbit
Britt Crayston UK
Larry Davis
Fran DeGraff
Chad Draper
Flynn Dustrud
Andrea Dykman
Kimberly Edwards
Cori Enright
Jeanne F. Erickson
Diane Farsetta
Kristina Fernandez
Kim Fisher
Laura Dawn Forney
Gloria E Garcia
Anne Gassere
Colin Gillis
Greg Gordon
Fawne Granby
Jon Hain
Travis Hardy
Kate Heiber-Cobb
Troy Janisch
Bonnie Johnson
Geoff Jordan
Arlene Kelly
Linda Ketcham
Brenda Konkel
Jordan Kosinski
Matt Kozlowski
Edward Kuharski, Principal Architect, Green Design Studio
Laborers International Union of North America Local 236 City of Madison
Crystal Lee
Kimberly LeMaster
Norm Littlejohn
Camille Lore
Madison Area Permaculture Guild
Al Matano, Dane County Board Supervisor
Michael Matheson
Mike Maynard
Leslie McAllister
Suzanne McConnell
Scott McKay
Elyon McMickle
T.J. Mertz, M.M.S.D. School Board Member
Rita Meuer
Tami Miller, Operations Director Friends of the State Street Family
Anna Mueller Moffit
Amy Mondloch
Jay Mueller
Jayne Mullins
Chad Munsey
Larry Orr
Susan Pastor
Maureen Patacsil
Luc Pichette
Benjamin Pierce
Jacque Pokorney
Caleb Pourchot
Michele’ Preston
Jess Reed
Angie Rehling
Chaous (Carrie) L Riddle
Laura Riggs
Martina Rippon
Jose Romero
Eric Rothstein
Meg Rothstein
Amelia Royko Maurer
Nate Royko Maurer
Marsha Rummel, City of Madison Alder, District 6
Nancy Sadewater
Sandcastle Energy Systems
Karin Schmidt
Wendy Schneider
Joanie Sedarski, Affordable DOG Grooming
Sonia Sieben
Tobi Silgman
Sandy Smolinski
David Soumis
Karin Spader
Craig Spaulding
Deborah Sproule
Gina Stanley
John Steines
Frank Sturgell, Preservation Design & Build Studio, Occupy Denver
Christine SuĊ‚kowski
Lynda Swanson
Susannah Tahk
Sue Thering
Troy Thiel
Jen Thompson
Sasha Alessa Troha
Elaine Walker, Tiny House Community
Bruce Wallbaum
Anne Waymouth
Carol Weidel
Heidi Wegleitner, County Board Supervisor
Kathy Whalen
Judith Wilcox
Sari Williams
Julie Wood
Jackie Woodruff
Barbara Wright
David J. Zaber
Julianne Zoviar, Austrailia

1 Comment

  1. Beth Iczkowski says:

    I would like to be named as a public supporter. I think that this is a wonderful project and in reading everything I would like to volunteer but I do live in Mosinee. I would love to work with the gardening aspect or if something else I could do from home is fine also. Is there certain times that you could send me or email me to see if I could come and stay. Few days to help with gardening I would love that. I also would like to see the tiny house community if that is possible.
    Thank you

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