Pre-Village Timeline 

DECEMBER 2013 (intial steps)
OM looked at Property, did the Initial Environmental Research, met with the bank to pursue a loan, and submitted an Offer to Purchase. Notification of Alder and Neighborhood was immedistely given
JANUARY 2014 (meetings, meetings, meetings)
On January 2nd the Offer to Purchase was accepted and OM met with small group of neighbors for initial feedback. Meetings throughout January: 
Zoning and Public Health Department, Neighborhood Association Meeting, Landscaper, Architect and Construction Company at the site, James Reeb Peace, Justice and Sustainability Committee, Alder Neighborhood Meeting, meeting regarding fence, art, landscaping, Neighborhood Plan Steering Committee – Emerson East/Eken Park/Yahara, a 2nd meeting on fence, art, landscaping, Sustainable Saturday presentation, obtained info from engineering staff on flooding and environmental concerns, UDC and Planning Staff, the Police Department, and the Fire Department, AUDC application for Inormational presentation 
FEBRUARY 2014 (More meetings)
February started off wih an informational presentation to Urban Design Commission and learned the earliest dates for Application Submittal (UDC – April 2nd , Plan Commission April 7th , Council April 29th). OM scheduled a 2nd neighborhood meeting with Alder Palm and a meeting with immediate neighbors and Alder Palm 
 APRIL 2014 (Final Approval)
In April OM met with Urban Design Commission and the Plan Commission. On April 29th OM Village received City Council Approval.
MAY 2014 (Move month)
In ay, OM moved the workshop and houses to 2050 E Johnson and on  May 31st the lease expired on the current location (4235 Argosy Ct).
JUNE 2014 (Intitial property improvement work)
Improvements made to property to meet regulations and only three houses parked on the property that are being lived in. 
Initial Village Conceptual Drawings
These preliminary renderings are conceptual, they do not include a decorative fence or landscaping. The design was later changed to a permaculture perspective in order to operate as an ecovillage rather than a collection of tiny houses in a parking lot.