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seed starting
Seed Starting for the May 13th Plant Sale with help from the Community Issues & Service Learning students at UW Madison!
The OM Grow team plotting out this year's raised bed gardens!
Latest OM Grow Workgroup Meeting Notes:
OM Grow 
Sunday, January 15, 2017 
304 N Third Street 
Present: Gene Cox, Bruce Wallbaum, Ed Kuharski, Diane Farsetta, Carol Weidel, Anne Waymouth, Mike Boehm, Beichen Wayne Wang  
1. Growing Power 
Gene will follow up with this connection. 
2. Green House 
Ed researched greenhouse options.  Solexx ® comes on rolls, with a glazing that is semi-translucent, and diffuses the light.  This avoids burnout to plants.  We can build a frame and cover it with solexx. 
Ed show the shadows cast at different times of day, on the shortest days and longest days.  Early morning light is best for plans.  Each structure get 6 hours of sun a day, throughout the year. 
Two additions were shown on the drawing.  The greenhouse attached to the front of the workshop, and a long structure against the large windows on the north-west side.  There could be a partition to enclose the back door from the shop to the back; garden tools could be stored there.  This allows passage to the back without disturbing the temperature in the growing space. 
The cost of Ed’s drawings could be $1,200. 
The perimeter of the structure must be frost-proofed, with 2-foot  footings. Because the soil is contaminated, we need to put in a foundation and floor. 
Ed and Bruce will create a plane that lists the components need and costs. 
Rosemary and lavender could be grown year-round in the greenhouse. 
3. Starting Seeds 
Anne has the formula for the starting mix. 
Monday (January 16) at 1:00 pm, seeds will be planted.   
4. Herbs from Cuttings 
Anne described how we could start cuttings directly in dirt.  While they are rooting, they need no direct light for 6-8 weeks, AND high humidity.  She estimates that we could start 40 plants this way. 
5. Raised Beds 
Anne was to map out the planting and spacing on graph paper.  
6. Next OM Grow Meeting 
Sunday, February 12, 2017 at 3pm (same day as board meeting) 
notes by Carol Weidel