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How do I get one?

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1.  Agree with mission and vision.
2. Become a member & start volunteering.
2. Volunteer 32 hours.
3. Fill out an application.
4. Keep volunteering and follow shop rules.
5. Board approval.
6. Wait your turn and keep volunteering.
7. Follow the shop rules and rules of conduct when on/near OMI property.
8. Sign Tiny Contract.
9. Move in.
10. Remain an active community member and follow contract and code of conduct.


  1. Call to contact me as I am interested in a Tiny House. Right now I am living in my car with my small therapy dog. 682-970-4517, or email Estherlkshari1@yahoo.com


    Shari Collier/Holmberg

  2. Rose Reed says:

    Are they for sale

  3. Brandy T says:

    If Tiny Houses become available..
    For Sale……Please contact : blackdogpro1@aol.com You Brenda Konkel and all the volunteers are Fabulous!! This world needs more Wonderful and selfless people like Y’all!! God Bless You and Yours!! Tx. Hugs, Brandy

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