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How Do We Start This in Our Community

We are a small group of volunteers, 100% funded by donations.  We would LOVE to help others get started, but are overwhelmed by the interest in our project.  Please feel free to join the Village Collaborative on Facebook where people from several communities around the county can answer questions and share information.  If you sign up below and we will try to get you information in the future.  If you’d like to visit, that might be best!

We also recommend this book and Tent City Urbanism and Village Collaborative by Andrew Heben who has written extensively about tent cities and tiny house villages and works with Opportunity Village in Eugene Oregon.

Here’s a rough draft of how you might get started in your community – likely to change as people ask us more questions.  Also, please note, you can be working on several of these items at a time and some will influence others..  We will add links as we can.

1.  Get a group of about a dozen people or more in your community that are interested in creating a tiny house village.  Determine what kind of group you want to be (nonprofit, cooperative, community group)? Do you need 501(c)3 status for fundraising purposes?)

2.  How large do you want your community to be?  What will be manageable for the group? What makes the best size community?  (communities range from 9 – 200)

3.  Can someone donate land, can you raise funds to buy some, can you rent from the government for $1?  What kind of zoning requirements will you have?

4.  How will the community be governed?  What kind of community rules and agreements will there be?  How will the rules be enforced?

5.  What kind of houses do you want to create?  Storage containers, pallets, recycled materials, standard construction?  How big will they be?  Will they have plumbing, electricity, etc?

6.  Choose an architect to work with to plan the land with the future residents and people trying to crate this project.

7.  Fundraise!  Grantwriting.  Begging!

8.  Construction!

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While the village is open, we still have to raise $12,000 to complete phase one and an additional $80,000 for phase 2 (kitchen and community room + 4 more houses) Please help if you can!

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