OM Fundraising Workgroup
The Fundraising Workgroup meets the 2nd and 4th Thursdays from 6 p.m. - 7 p.m. at OM Village.
The Fundraising Workgroup figures out and organizes ways to raise funds, including grant writing and fundraiser planning.

Latest Fundraising Meeting Notes:
OMI Fundraising Work Group 
March 9, 2017 
5:00 pm 
304 N Third Street 
Present: Bruce, Gene, Diane, Carol 
1. Auction 
Hamele Auction Service LLC (Portage) will charge us 5% (half the usual price) plus $100.  The auction will be promoted via Facebook, and online using the service’s channels.  Online bid are closed on the day of the auction (May 13), but a bidder can have a proxy on site for the auction.    
When the auction starts, OMI will be linked to the online Tiny House newsletter.  April 1 is the start if the auction. 
2. Tasks 
Allen will ask Whole Foods, Carol will ask Willy Street, Russ will get soda.  Last year we more than covered the $400 costs with donated money in a bowl near the food.  Russ will bring that salad he got last year. 
Carol will ask Karyl for her jug, full of tea or lemonade.  Carol will bring pitchers for water. 
Karyl’s chairs are at the village. Russ will ask the River to borrow 40.  
We will ask James Reeb Church.  [Note-taker did not record who would do this.]  
Carol will bring flowers for 8 tables. 
Karyl’s tent is here.  We will also ask Leslie and Heidi.   
3. This and That 
There will be no raffle, only the auction and plant sale.  The store will be open. 
Diane will draft a press release. 
Bruce will create a Facebook event. 
Diane will draft an email to go out via mailchimp. 
UW students will create a flyer to distribute with Russ’s help. 
The items to be auctioned are: 
·        Tiny House by inpro 
·        Chicken coop 
·        Something from the Vault 
·        2 chairs by OMI 
·        2 prints donated by Rubin’s 
·        a painting 
·        Little Free Library 
4. Next Meeting - Thursday, March 23, 6 pm
We are trying to raise $80,000 for Phase 2 (kitchen and community room + 4 more houses) Please help if you can by becoming a Sustainer of OM Village.
Monthly Sustainer
We also appreciate one time donations.