General Membership for Members (Beta)

Latest GMM Minutes:
Occupy Madison Inc General Membership Meeting 12/13/2020
In attendance: Kacy, Travis, Jasper, Justin, Echo, Ethan, Jorge, Tommy, Brendon, Eric, Cindy, Michael, Willie L., Alex, Jen, Adam, Ryan, Chandler, Jim R., Jim, Willie, Eric, Brandon, Dakota, Rob, Maleyk, Charles, Amanda, Brenda, Bob, Gene, Sofia, Luca, Kim, Paul, Joseph

  1. Luca’s proposal
  • Eliminate risks of COVID
  • Divide Members into Meeting teams
  • Representatives will rotate once a week.
  • At the end of COVID it will end
  1. Shoveling
  • Snowblower – Proposal to buy new snowblower – approved by consent, Gene abstains
  • More & Decent Shovels
  • Salt/ Sand Mixture
  1. Board Elections
  • Gene, Sofia, Luca, and Brenda after meeting
  1. Yelling

Discussion with several suggestions made, no further action taken

  1. New Residents:

Jennifer, Rob S., Bob, Dakota, Kim

Move into OM Village Thursday, December 17, 2020

  1. New Members:

Rob S. Bob, Kim, Justin, Dakota – approved by unanimous consent

Proposals for next GMM:

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