OM Village 1 Drug and Alcohol Policy

OM Village 1 Drug and Alcohol Policy

304 N 3rd St



All stewards and their guests are expected to follow the laws of the City of Madison. Illegal drugs are not permitted in OM Village including inside the Tiny Houses. The presence of illegal drugs can contribute to concerns in the neighborhood and endanger the village. Additionally, the abuse of some legal substances can endanger lives and the well being of stewards and the village.

Possession or abuse of illegal drugs by a steward, or a guest of a steward, in OM Village may result in permanent expulsion from OM Village, the stewardship of the Tiny Home reverting to Occupy Madison Inc. (OMI).


OMI seeks to be a safe and inclusive community in which all people, including those recovering from substance abuse, can feel at home. We recognize that the success of OM Village depends upon our compliance with all City regulations and the good will of the neighborhood. Disturbances can put the entire project at risk. The presence of alcohol can contribute to concerns in the neighborhood and can affect the Tiny House stewards and their guests in different ways.

In order to achieve a safe living environment, OMI only allows alcohol to be stored and consumed in the Tiny House. Residents with alcohol in their tiny houses are expected to abide by the Community Agreement and other OMI policies.


Revision approved by OM Village residents, 9/12/2021