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We currently have a committee of artists, muralists, landscapers and gardeners that are looking at what we can do to create a fence and landscaping that allows for:

– Privacy for the people living there
– Screening for the neighbors who live nearby
– Security for the members of the community living in the tiny village

In addition to the practical goals listed above, we hope to create a project that incorporates

– Art
– Coordinated color scheme
– Community Projects – opportunities for people to get involved
– Gardening
– Murals

Our goal is for the fence and screening to send a message about who we are and what we are doing and to create a welcoming atmosphere for the surrounding community.

This fence was an original concept of what we could do, but because this is an art project, it could go anywhere from here!
fence concept
(The concept of the fence is a fence that looks like tiny house, has real windows where you can look in to the community and shorter elements of the fence so that the outside world is not completely walled off like a compound, but allows privacy for the residents, screening for the neighbors and some security elements.)

The committee currently consists of the following people:

Trina Clemente
Katarina Kobor
Sharon Kilfoy
Bob Klebba
Brenda Konkel
Ed Kuharski
Maya Lea
Kate Sandretto
Wendy Schneider

If you would like to join us, please let us know!

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