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The best description of the project to date is the powerpoint presentation created for the 1/15/14 community meeting.  There is also a early blog post by Brenda Konkel that describes early concepts of the project.  More information will be added as the project develops and as the application for zoning is completed.

10 thoughts on “Description of Project”

  1. I’m very torn by this project…
    having been both affluent homeowner/landlord…
    as well as struggling nomad without standard housing.
    Both had value. Both had problems.
    I see both in this project…
    and will share more later..
    after deeper contemplation.

      1. As an owner, my focus was more service to self (obtaining, consuming, protecting).
        As a nomad, my focus was more service to life (exploring, experimenting, serving).

      2. I love the concept and plans for this village and the tiny houses.
        Yet… my gut is uncomfortable… not yet clearly identifying why (looking at many possible reasons).

  2. I think my gut wonders if everyone living there will have the “self” tools to thrive in a cooperative. Cooperative living can be challenging. I’m assuming that those involved have put enough people and structures in place for it to evolve successfully as the inhabitants gain the skills needed to be successful.

  3. I have been homeless twice although I had an unblemished rental history and a permanent income. I was denied housing because of my wheelchair. The women in the shelter banded together and petitioned the administrator to move me to a bed instead of sleeping on the floor. I was crawling on the floor to get to and from my wheelchair. These women were also disabled and sleeping on the floor. They cared more and did more than those paid to help the homeless. Example, the doctor at the medical clinic refused to sign a letter that would have allowed me to move to a bed. In her rudeness she ignored her nurse’s concern regarding my blood pressure which was too low.I have a genetic heart defect and a defibrillator. Encouraged to go, by the women at the shelter, I was rushed to the hospital several days after I finally got a bed. I was in heart failure. What I discovered about most homeless people is that the majority do not fit the labels society has placed on them. They just need someone to unlock the door.

  4. Wow. How can someone refuse housing based on a disability. People are heartless. I’m so sorry you went through this. Thank you for your perspective. As a person in a wheelchair, do you feel a tiny house would have met your needs? Do you feel it would have been a bridge to self sufficiency? Your perspective is appreciated.

  5. I like the project. I’m sure there is some hesitation but the small size changes the equation for housing for the homeless. I hope you are successful and can replicate in Milwaukee, where the need is great.

  6. As an income source you could rent out a few of these units by the day/week. People are interested in projects like these maybe could use the time to build a polycarbonate greenhouse or OM home at your facility.

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