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Here are the questions that have been submitted thus far. We are working on the answer the week of 1/27. If you have additional questions, please submit them below.

Why this location, why always the east side?

Why squeeze this into the corner?

Why not put it by the airport? Or in an industrial area?

Is it safe to be this close to East High, Emerson and Demetral Park?

Why not park them at churches?

Why are you putting and encampment in our neighborhood?

Is it appropriate to put a campground in the middle of a neighborhood?

Is this a Mobile Mission House?

Can you manufacture the units, but not camp there?

How many people will live here?

How many houses will be parked here?

Why not start small to make sure it works?

Normally we get a couple neighbors at a time, why are you moving 20 people all at once? Why not start with less density at first?

Why are there so many uses in this small space?

Will this be a community center?

Is this a neighborhood in a neighborhood? Or a part of the existing neighborhood?

I see this as an excellent spot for another Milios-type structure to go up. Something that will engage the community. How will the Occupy Madison organization create a large draw from the neighborhood? The storefront doesn’t seem to be a compelling proposition to bring the neighborhood together.

Will the City staff allow the innovative sustainability features (e.g., composting toilets)?

Are these little houses built to code? i.e., manufactured house or house.

Are they built to a standard from transportation, i.e., DOT cert?

Why must houses be on wheels?

Will these tiny houses be registered as campers with the DMV?

Are the facilities adequate for Wisconsin winter?

How will they stay cool in 100+ temps?

Would it be fair to say that the Occupy Madison Build Tiny Homes project for 2050 E Johnson Street was designed to avoid the expense of complying with minimum building code standards for the City of Madison?

Would Occupy Madison support or oppose a for-profit landlord or developer using housing space on wheels to avoid compliance with minimum building code standards?

My question mentioned above is actually whether you are still planning to locate a mobile mission house on this property. And if so, what will that actually mean?

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