OM Works

This is work in progress, but the dream is to have our own day labor program. If you have odd jobs you need done, contact us through the contact page.

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    1. 2 people are living in one now, have been for almost a year. Two more are about to be moved into. The one people have been living in has propane heat, but they also have electric heat when they can plug in.

  1. Fascinating! Are CODE requirements waived, changed, cleverly avoided, etc. Once worked at a small job trailer mfg., thought setup was very efficient and fast. Requires a large space though. Would be nice for these, OTJ training? And so on.

    1. Cleverly avoided? That is why they are kept on wheels. The city is working on an ordinance to create minimal requirements for “portable shelters”, but that is not created yet.

  2. Do the stewards have to pay the $5000 for the materials? How would they afford that? OR is that money given to them in exchange for the labor work they do?

    1. The nonprofit, which they are a member of, raises money and produces goods that are sold to help pay for the operations. The stewards participate in the nonprofit according to their abilities.

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