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Board of Directors

See below for workgroups you might want to join and a sign up form.

Board Members


Russ Albers
Allen Barkoff
Russ Albers
Lucigen-10-24-2014 (1 of 11) bruce 4
Luca Clemente, Vice President  Bruce Wallbaum, Treasurer
Carol linda
Carol Weidel, Secretary Linda Ketcham
brenda 2  garrett
Brenda Konkel  Garrett Lee
Image result for shelly name
Shelly Spychalski



Please check the calendar to confirm all meeting times. All meetings at 304 N 3rd St. (N. 3rd St. and E. Johnson, Madison, WI) unless otherwise noted.

Shop Managers – Helps coordinate tasks that need to be accomplished to finish setting up the shop, runs the shop, makes sure supplies needed are identified and ordered, coordinates between shop managers, and manages completing the houses.
Meets Saturday at 10am
(Coordinated by Rob Bloch)

Site Group – Manages construction projects, completing phase one and preparing to work on phase 2.
Meets Saturday morning 10am with Shop Managers until phase 2 requires more work.
(Coordinated by Brenda Konkel)

Fundraising – Sets fundraising goals and timelines, uses creativity to create exciting fundraising activities, coordinates events, grantwriting and works on some external messaging.
Meets 2nd Tuesday at the Social Justice Center – 1202 Williamson St.
(Coordinated by Bruce Wallbaum and Brenda Konkel)

Volunteer Coordinating – Coordinates weekly newsletters, keeps track of volunteer hours and contact information, manages facebook group, coordinates with blog/website, coordinates volunteers for activities needed by other work groups.
No current meeting times, seeking more volunteers.
(Coordinated by Brenda Konkel)

(External) Communications – Coordinates incoming requests for information, responds to media requests, manages the website and facebook, works with volunteer committee on newsletter and works on messaging to the community.
Meets as needed.
(Coordinated by Luca Clemente)

Policy – Works on various issues where the board determines we need a policy. This is a unique community and they research alternatives and strive for creative solutions to everyday issues.
Meets on 1st and 3rd Sundays at 3:00
(Coordinated by Allen Barkoff)

OM Goods – Coordinates the store and works closely with the fundraising committee, organizes events to assist in creating additional goods for sale.
Meets 2:00 on Sunday on weeks when there is a Board meeting (alternates with OM Grow)
(Coordinated by Brenda Konkel)

OM Grow – Coordinates both food and flower gardening needs and landscaping for the village.
Meets Sunday at 2:00 on weeks there is not a board meeting (alternates with OM Goods)
(Coordinated by Gene Cox)

Which workgroup would you like to join?


  1. Allen Barkoff says:

    What an awesome group !

  2. What a wonderful website……and people! Thank you so much! I want to help but am too old!! I would like to know if there are folks who could help me with yard work…….from your homeless group……….or volunteers………..I wonder if you could build a pool of folks who could work for Seniors who cannot afford to hire someone…………..but who could pay a little…….and show trust and desire to help…………and mentor………..pl. let me know? My heartfelt.thanks……….Agnes Jaeckel alouisej@charter.net……249-0803

    • darlene mckay says:

      I just love what you are doing… I wish I could be part of all this, there is such a need in every state… will you be starting this in another state???… I am starting my last chapter in life and would love to part of this… I will be moving to Lawrence Kansas at the end of December… would love to come to Madison at some point when weather warms up and volunteer thankyou for what you do… darlene

      • brendakonkel says:

        We are willing to share our knowledge, but at this point we still have to raise another $100,000 and we need to finish phase 2 & 3 and hopefully get another piece of property here! Thanks for your interest, stop by if you’re in the state.

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While the village is open, we still have to raise $12,000 to complete phase one and an additional $80,000 for phase 2 (kitchen and community room + 4 more houses) Please help if you can!

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