About Us

Occupy Madison, Inc., a membership non-profit organization.  We have several projects including:
– OM Build – Building Tiny Houses
– OM Goods – Building products for sale to fundraise to build houses
– OM Village – A tiny village for our Tiny Houses
– Possible future projects include OM Works . . . our own day labor program

Mission: Our mission is to join together to creatively work towards a more humane and sustainable world.

Vision: We envision a place where people with or without current safe housing can live and/or work cooperatively in a way that promotes dignity, safety, stewardship, and sustainability for all.

4 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. As director of marketing for the parent ATS Educational Services, I’m interested in speaking with someone about partnership that would homeless here in the state if Michigan. If someone could contact me at 313-910-1858 it would be appreciated!

  2. Hi, Is there a program like this in NY. Me and my family are currently in a family homeless shelter. Thank you for your time.

  3. Does anyone know of low priced lots in Wisconsin that people on disability can build themselves a tiny house. We could build ourselves a nice community. Basically Take a big chunk of land and sell, not rent us each a small lot.

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