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Checks can also be made out to Occupy Madison Inc and sent to P.O. Box 949, Madison, WI 53701.

All donations are tax deductible as Occupy Madison, Inc. is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.


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We are currently fundraising $100,000 for phase 2, so that we can add a community room and kitchen for the residents.  When this happens, we can add 4 more houses.

We have two houses sitting in the parking lot waiting for a place to go!

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  1. […] If video above doesn’t work for you click here to watch directly at NBC 15. Visit the organization’s official website here. Donate to the cause here. […]

  2. this is a wonderful idea for the homeless because it would give them the opportunity to give them a home they could call their own.

  3. gary chamberlain says:

    We would like to help and would like to help design some to look like log homes. We have the wood cut already and they are very quaint.

  4. […] Over the past year OM Build has been busy creating the nation’s first neighborhood based tiny home village with and for some of our [formerly] homeless community members. It is has been a long, difficult, and expensive journey so far and we have one major hurdle left before we can move houses onto our new village/workshop property… we need you to help us raise $100,000. The requirements for occupancy include handicap accessible restrooms, a new roof, removal of much of the parking lot, new curb cuts and a great deal of construction utilizing a contractor. This is very expensive stuff. We are so close, we have come so far, and we are all very excited to move onto the next phase of creating our ground-breaking community. Please consider making a generous donation (and spreading the word)! Checks can be made out to Occupy Madison Inc and sent to P.O. Box 949, Madison, WI 53701. Donate on-line at http://occupymadisoninc.com/how-can-i-help/donate/ […]

  5. […] cabin as planned however we are not sure how to reach the ideal buying community. I would like to donate $5,000.00 to Occupy Madison, Inc. from the proceeds of our sale. That is enough to build a tiny […]

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While the village is open, we still have to raise $12,000 to complete phase one and an additional $80,000 for phase 2 (kitchen and community room + 4 more houses) Please help if you can!

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