Get Involved

Occupy Madison Village’s success is entirely due to the community and the numerous hours of volunteer service.

1901 Aberg Ave 2nd Tiny House Village Project

For now through the end of the year (2020) you can sign up to volunteer here.  Make sure to check out all the tabs and the descriptions at the top of each tab.

Other Volunteer Opportunities:

General Membership: Help make solution based decisions on how OMI (Occupy Madison Inc) is organized.

Board Member: Legal and financial interface of OMI

OM Build: Woodworking projects to sell in the store. Carpentry-building tiny houses

OM Fundraising: Help write grants, decide which grants are applicable to our goals, help organize fundraisers

OM Grow: Everything organic: garden beds, greenhouse, selling/giving produce, landscaping

OM Village Store: help organize and staff the store, inventory taking and pricing

We have also been in search of someone who has skills in conflict resolution and communication while being sensitive to trauma induced issues.

Other skill sets may also be needed that we aren’t aware of yet, especially if radical ideas are up for consideration.


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