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General Membership meetings are held on the second and fourth Sundays of every month at 6:00PM. They are held at the OM Village site. Participation is open to the public, but only members of Occupy Madison, Inc. may vote.


Board meetings are also held at OM Village, the second and fourth Sundays of every month, as needed either after the GM meeting or during recess of the GM meeting. Participation is open to all members of Occupy Madison, Inc. and to the public–unless specific circumstances require the board to convene a closed session–but only members of the board may vote.


Current workgroups (and their respective point person) include:

Fundraising (inactive): Ad-hoc for events

Media (Luca Clemente)

OM Store (Brenda Konkel/Gene Cox) One Monday per month as agreed upon by the group at 12 p.m.

OM Grow (inactive) (Point person needed): Ad hoc late winter through autumn

Policy (Allen Barkoff): Ad hoc as needed

Residents (Gene Cox): Sundays

Shop Managers (Rob Bloch): fourth Tuesday

Conflict Resolution (Luca Clemente): Ad hoc as needed

Workgroup meeting times and locations are listed on our monthly calendar.


– See calendar below.


7 thoughts on “Meetings & Events”

    1. I have a similar mindset? I wonder if there is a way that other interested individuals can form a community, or maybe have a small community adjacent to a mobile home park?

  1. I was looking for your location today, but can’t seem to find it or the new address posted anywhere on the website. I may not have time to come and help immediately, but would like to in the future, when I have some spare time. Please inform me about the address, I’m new in town.

  2. I’d like to talk to someone about Tiny House Community. I live in Monre WI and there is great need for low income/ disabled housing. I cuu live in an apartment building that has alot of issues that are not being addressed. There alot of that are having health issues because of this nothing is being done about it. How could I go about talking to someone in the community or outside about the possibility of starting something like this? Would I be able able to possibly come and volunteer one day in the store or office? I appreciate your feedback in advance. Thank you so much. Trisha

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