Sneak Peek at Preliminary Renderings and Permanent Plans for 1901 Aberg Ave.

Ok – so here’s a few drawings and some informaiton to get your imagination flowing about what the village at 1901 Aberg Ave will look like if we get permanent zoning. Continue reading “Sneak Peek at Preliminary Renderings and Permanent Plans for 1901 Aberg Ave.”

Spring Plans for 304 N 3rd St.

The day is finally coming.  304 N 3rd Street, the original Occupy Madison Tiny House Village, will finally be getting a community room, laundry and  . . . wait for it . . . a real kitchen!!!!  And when the renovations are done, the population at the village will go from 5 to 9 residents.

A lot has to happen between then (mid April) and now.  We are awaiting CSM approval from the city and our architect (Ed Kuharski, Green Design Studio) and contractor (Bachmann Construction) are working out the final details from the Planned Development we got approved in 2015.  We finally have the funds ($200,000) to finish phase 2.

Plus, we’ll be doing our annual plant sale as well the first weekend in May!  Tomatoes, peppers, kale and all your garden favorites.  The sale will be on-line again this year – watch for details soon.

Here’s the latest drafts of the plans!  Er, I did say draft, some of the details may change, but this is the basic gist of it!

304_N3rdStPh2_A1_ExFloorPlan_02_26_21 304_N3rdStPh2_T1_Index_ProjectScope_02_26_21 304_N3rdStPh2_A2_PrFloorPlan_02_26_21 304_N3rdStPh2_A3_Ftg-FdnPlan_02_26_21 304_N3rdStPh2_A4_PrRoofPlan_02_26_21 304_N3rdStPh2_A5_RoofFramePlan_02_26_21 304_N3rdStPh2_A6_ExElevations_02_26_21 304_N3rdStPh2_A7_PrElevations_02_26_21 304_N3rdStPh2_A7a_PrElev’s-Porch_02_26_21 304_N3rdStPh2_A8_LatSection_02_26_21 304_N3rdStPh2_A9_Section_Details_02_26_21 304_N3rdStPh2_A10_ElectricalPlan_02_26_21 304_N3rdStPh2_S1_ExSitePlan_02_26_21 304_N3rdStPh2_A11_Cabinetry_02_26_21 304_N3rdStPh2_S3_PrSitePlanPh2_02_26_21 304_N3rdStPh2_S6_SiteDetails_02_26_21 304_N3rdStPh2_S6a_PavingDetails_02_26_21