Board of Directors

Luca Clemente, Co-President

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Russ Albers, Vice President

Carol Weidel, Secretary


 (Current GM Meeting Notes)

Allen Barkoff


Brenda Konkel

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(Current Treasurer’s Report)

Latest Meeting Notes:

Occupy Madison Inc. Board of Directors Meeting

Occupy Madison Inc. Board of Directors Meeting

September 24, 2017
304 N Third Street
7:00 pm
Board Members: Allen Barkoff, Russ Albers, Gene Cox, Brenda Konkel, Luca Clemente, Carol Weidel

Members: Sofia Martinez, Peter G

Guest: Jim from Indiana

1. Meeting called to order
at 7:06 pm by Luca

2. Guest
Jim is visiting from Indiana.  He is a former construction worker.  He wants to create Tiny Houses for veterans.

3. Officers Report

a. Secretary (Carol)
Brenda and Allen moved approval of the August 27, 2017 board minutes with four amendments.
·        add “Luca Clemente” to notified absences
·        drop the second “e” in “thee” under 3.  Auction
·        add “s” under 4. Village Report to “encourage residents to . . .”
·        replace “??” with “Mary Maronek” under agenda item 7.
Those present approved the amended minutes with no objections.

Carol noted that the recent resignations of Trina, Matt & Bruce brings the board below the minimum of seven board members to those six present at this meeting.

b. Vice-president (Russ)
Cutting boards completed.  Perhaps we could sell things on Craig’s list.

4. New Officers
The board members discussed the duties and responsibilities of the secretary and treasurer.  After further discussion, there was consensus that Gene was acceptable to serve as “acting treasurer.”  Carol will continue as secretary.

5. Hap’s Golf Course

The large area in the back is open and not in use.  Hap would like to use it as a putting “green.”  There are no funds requested.  There were no objections.  Those present accept this putting green by consensus.

6. Recruiting New Board Members & Volunteers
Potential board members mentioned include Sofia, Pete G and volunteer Mike.
OMI also needs volunteers to serve as shift managers.  A general discussion followed on volunteers.
A Volunteer Coordinating Work Group will meet at 1pm Sunday October 1.  Allen, Brenda, Sofia and Gene will be there.

7. Web Site (Gene)
The minutes will be posted going forward.  WordPress can be the exclusive tool.  There is a link to the online store.  We will not do shipping.

8. Purchase Online QuickBooks
Those present approved the purchase of online QuickBooks, by consensus.

9. Adjournment
The board adjourned at 8:35 pm


6 thoughts on “Board of Directors”

  1. What a wonderful website……and people! Thank you so much! I want to help but am too old!! I would like to know if there are folks who could help me with yard work…….from your homeless group……….or volunteers………..I wonder if you could build a pool of folks who could work for Seniors who cannot afford to hire someone…………..but who could pay a little…….and show trust and desire to help…………and mentor……… let me know? My heartfelt.thanks……….Agnes Jaeckel……249-0803

    1. I just love what you are doing… I wish I could be part of all this, there is such a need in every state… will you be starting this in another state???… I am starting my last chapter in life and would love to part of this… I will be moving to Lawrence Kansas at the end of December… would love to come to Madison at some point when weather warms up and volunteer thankyou for what you do… darlene

      1. We are willing to share our knowledge, but at this point we still have to raise another $100,000 and we need to finish phase 2 & 3 and hopefully get another piece of property here! Thanks for your interest, stop by if you’re in the state.

  2. Hi! Love, love, love all of your work!! I am looking to do something similar to this here in Florida. I have passion, time, drive and determination. I lack the “know how”. I’ve begun my research and would appreciate some guidance if you are willing to share your knowledge. Thank you!

    1. Hi Thelma, thanks for your comment!
      I would be willing to answer any questions you have. Most everything is on the website, though specific zoning questions I would have to refer to someone else. I would love to see Tiny Villages all over the U.S.! 🙂

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