OM Fundraising Workgroup

The Fundraising Workgroup meets the 2nd and 4th Thursdays from 6 p.m. – 7 p.m. at OM Village. The Fundraising Workgroup figures out and organizes ways to raise funds, including grant writing and fundraiser planning.

Latest Fundraising Meeting Notes:

Sept 14 OM Fundraising meeting – Gene, Allen, Russ, Chris, Sofia, Diane
Overall goal
Fundraising for phase two most important
Had $35K raised before auction; auction raised about $23K – so $58K total towards phase two
Goal is to raise $30K more / cover phase two costs by spring 2018
Fall fundraiser
Want to raise as much as possible for phase two
Concerns we don’t have enough capacity to do fall fundraiser on short notice plus holiday sale – also can do other fundraising, not just events, for phase two
Decided against holding fall fundraiser – have one strong, expanded holiday sale and fundraiser
Holiday sale
Hold Sat Dec 2 and Sun Dec 3 – with different silent auction items each day
Shop managers looked at top sellers in past, to plan for holiday sale – cutting boards, ornaments, coasters, puzzles, hot pads, WI glue-ups, snowpeople, trees
Also encourage custom orders
Other needs for holiday sale – hot chocolate, bake sale, Village tours, flyers, media promo, silent auction
Sofia will ask Just Bakery about donating items for bake sale
Diane will make spreadsheet of event to do’s, so people can sign up for tasks
Epic employees might be able to help
Other fundraising ideas
Sustainer drive
End of year appeal letter and email
Tie into completing Village / raising phase two costs – could offer plaque or certificate for phase two donors above a certain level? Like names on bricks, but would be given to donor, not at Village
Sell a Tiny Home to church or other group that would offer to homeless person? Question for GMM – need to ask schools, also they’re unfinished, so could be like OM sweat equity where person helps finish home

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