Just Getting it Started!

It’s been a long hard road . . . but after looking for space for months, and being rejected at, at least one space, not to mention the places that wouldn’t return our calls . . . we finally found a space!!!!

And signed a year lease!!  (June 7, 2013)


IMG_20130607_164543_310 IMG_20130607_164524_689

IMG_20130607_164556_917IMG_20130607_164644_342And moved in materials!  (June 7 , 2013)

IMG_20130607_164507_975 IMG_20130607_164705_797 IMG_20130607_184847_317

And more materials (June 8)



We even found a trailer jack in the garbage, how odd!


And started setting up shop!!! (June 10, 2013)

IMG_20130610_145650_516 IMG_20130610_145523_213

IMG_20130610_145514_942 IMG_20130610_145715_387 IMG_20130610_145727_541 IMG_20130610_151153_779 IMG_20130610_151417_443 IMG_20130610_152011_987

IMG_20130610_145601_690 IMG_20130610_154112_074

And, we have a mascot – left by the previous owners . . .


And we are getting closer to getting started on our first house!

IMG_20130610_145841_008Meanwhile, there must be rules!


Occupy Madison General Membership Meeting

Occupy Madison Inc. will be having a General Membership meeting this Saturday June 15th from 2-4pm. at the Wil-mar Community Center, 951 Jenifer St. All members and anyone else interested in a progress report on our endeavor to house the homeless should come to our meeting. Also, members will be voting for Board of Directors at this meeting.