OM Grow Workgroup

Everything organic: garden beds, future greenhouse, selling/giving produce, bees, landscaping.

Latest OM Grow Workgroup Meeting Notes:

September 24, 2017 3PM CST

Attendance: Carol, Diane, Freida, Russ, Sofia, Gene

Oak Tree #1 – dig up and straighten roots Wednesday, September 27th, at 6 pm. Carol will get compost to replant the tree. Prune after leaves fall off.

Oak Tree #4: Carol will seek advice from Bob on fungus growing on leaves.

Greenhouse: Carol will talk to Brenda and then the City about what is needed as far as permits

End of season garden bed: No clean up really necessary. Cut back the sage and hang to dry. Redo signs so that it is more clear that the community can pick and a sign that directs toward donation box if people are so compelled. Signs also to label different herb plants. Suggestions for next years’ herbs: Parsley, chives, more basil, and rosemary


recorded by Gene Cox

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