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News and volunteer hours week of 11/18


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Channel 15 reports on roll-out of first Tiny House:
Tiny House #1 is now ready to head out onto the street, and Channel 15 was there to report on our progress and interview some of our volunteers. Click here to watch their report.

Roof construction begins on House 2:
We began construction of two prefab roof sections for House 2 on Friday. This coming week, we will focus on finishing the roof sections and moving House 2 outside, where we can drop the roof sections into place with our custom-built Occupy Crane. Then interior work on House 2 will continue, and the shop will be clear to begin work on House 3!

PalletPallooza planned for Saturday:
Last week’s PalletPalooza was such a success (making enough pallet-wood siding for one house, and salvaging enough 2×4’s to frame about half of House 3) that we’re planning another one for Saturday the 23rd. Chili and hot chocolate will be served!

This Week’s Shop Hours:

Tues 11/19: 6:30-9:30, Manager: Rob B

Wed 11/20: 5:30-9:30, Manager: Bruce W

Thus 11/21: 7:30-9:30, Manager: Peter G

Fri 11/22: 6:00-10:00, Manager: Luca C
Sat 11/23 Noon-5pm: PalletPalooza, Manager, Steve B

Shop location:
4235 Argosy Court, Suite B (Click here for map)

Sign-up procedure:
For safety and to ensure we have work available for everyone who shows up, we need to limit the number of volunteers to 4 per shift. We use the online VolunteerSpot service to handle scheduling.

Please remember, when you sign up, you’re taking one of the available slots from other volunteers, so don’t sign up unless you’re sure you can attend.

We can work with volunteers at all skill levels, so don’t hesitate to volunteer simply because you lack construction experience. The most important qualification we look for is a willingness to learn, to take instructions from the Shop Manager and to follow all shop safety procedures.
Please come ready to work, dressed in work clothes that can get dirty or smeared with paint, and wear close-toed shoes (boots preferred, if you have them.)

CLICK HERE to sign up!

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