New Year with OM Build!

OM Build TIny House Weekly Update:

Fundraiser Party: Saturday, Jan. 11th, 1pm-5pm at High Noon Saloon in Madison (map) Join us as we celebrate completion of our fist tiny house, and do the “offical” hand-over of the keys to long-time Occupy volunteers Chris and Betty. We’ll also be holding a silent auction of some amazing craft-y creations by OM Build volunteers, all made from re-purposed pallet wood. Can’t make it to the fundraiser? Donate here… 

This week: Work will focus on finishing up craft items for the fundraiser silent auction on Saturday, and then cleaning/organizing the shop to prepare for the start of work on House 3. Work continues on House 2 as well, finishing insulation, interior paneling, windows and the door. We welcome volunteers at all skill levels, training and close supervision will be provided by OM Build shop managers. Please be sure to dress warmly, some work may be outside.

Shop Hours – Week of Jan. 6th – Jan. 11th:
Tuesday 1/7  6:30-10pm Shop Manager: Robert B
Thursday 1/9  3pm-7pm Shop Manager: Allen B
Friday 1/10  7pm-10pm Shop Manager: Luca C

Shop location: 4235 Argosy Court, Suite B (Click here for map)

Sign-up procedure: We will be continuing with an informal sign-up process. Just go to the shop at one of the above posted times, and join in!
We can work with volunteers at all skill levels, so don’t hesitate to volunteer simply because you lack construction experience. The most important qualification we look for is a willingness to learn, to take instructions from the Shop Manager and to follow all shop safety procedures.
Please come ready to work, dressed in work clothes that can get dirty or smeared with paint.

2 thoughts on “New Year with OM Build!”

    1. I’ve been telling everyone that we only have one house done, and we are changing the design of the house. Not sure what we have to offer, but if you have specific questions, please email them to us and then we will get them to the right people. We are all volunteer driven and some people do different aspects of the project – for instance, I can’t answer any questions about the electrical system, but I can tell you how to set up a non-profit! 🙂 Anyways, thanks for your interest and get us some specific questions and we’ll try to help you out the best we can!

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