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OM Build Tiny House Weekly Update:
Our Wish List: We’re hard at work on renovating the E. Johnson site (former home of Sanchez Motors) and with the help of the community, so far we have only spent $68 on supplies for cleanup and renovations! Every dollar we save in labor or donated items means we can get the tiny houses parked there faster, so click here to see our wish list, and click here to donate online.

Progress at E. Johnson: A site that was once the neighborhood eyesore is quickly shaping up, with flowers and other plantings. Below, Rob, Peter and Luca relocate a fence on the property to create space for our planned tiny home community:

Cap Times profiles OM Village resident: Keith Valiquette says a desire for community attracted him to the OM Build project. Speaking of our E. Johnson neighbors who have supported the project, Keith says, “They see the bigger picture. They are why I am part of this. We as a society need to come together again.” Read more… Below, Keith relaxes in the door of his tiny home, with his dog. Chip.

Weekends at new site, weekdays at the shop: Now that OM Build has TWO sites, we’re scheduling weekday volunteer shifts at the Argosy Court shop, finishing Houses 2 and 3 and building fixtures for the new shop, weekend workdays are at E. Johnson.

Weekday hours – Argosy Court:
Tuesday 6/24: 6:30-10pm Manager: Robert B
Wednesday 6/25: 3pm-7:00pm Manager: Pete C.
Thursday 6/26: 3pm-7pm Manager: Keith V

Tuesday 7/1: 6:30-10pm Manager: Robert B
Wednesday 7/2: 3pm-7:00pm Manager: Pete C.
Thursday 7/3: 3pm-7pm Manager: Keith V

Weekend hours – E. Johnson:
Saturday, 6/28: Noon-5pm Manager: Brenda K
Sunday, 6/29: Noon-5pm Manager: Brenda K

Sign-up procedure: Click here to sign up for a shift. We work with volunteers at all skill levels, so don’t hesitate to volunteer simply because you lack construction experience. The most important qualification we look for is a willingness to learn, to take instructions from the Shop Manager and to follow all shop safety procedures.
Please come ready to work, dressed in work clothes that can get dirty or smeared with paint.

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