Occupy Madison Wishlist

We are so grateful for the donations that have been pouring in to Occupy Madison!  We are overwhelmed with the generosity of the community.  Cash is always welcome so we can use it where needed, but we know that people like to give tangible items as well, so here’s our wishlist!

At this point, our major donations wishlist items are can be dropped off at 931 E Main #17 during the work shifts for the volunteers and people who are building homes to live in include:

    • KN95 Masks
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Work Gloves
    • Bottled Water
    • Snacks
    • Sharpies
    • Large pieces of cardboard

We are still in need of some tools, at the moment we need:

    • Cordless Jigsaw
    • Cordless Circular Saw
    • Cordless Screwguns
    • Squares, tape measures, staple guns, box cutters, blades, carpenters pencils, etc.

We are assessing what we still need in terms of welcome items for the people who will be living in the homes.  Those items and others can be dropped off at 1901 Aberg Ave on Saturday Nov. 14 and Sunday, Nov 15 (10 – 4), but we know we will need:

    • Laundry Soap & Dryer Sheets
    • Dish washing liquid, kitchen towels and sponges/scrubbies
    • Cleaning sprays, vinegar, bleach (for showers and bathrooms)
    • Toilet paper, paper towels
    • KN95 or equivalent masks

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