How do I get one?

Official Explanation here

  1.  Fill out the google form to let us know you are interested
  2. Attend orientation
  3. Agree with mission and vision.
  4. Become a member, sign community agreement & start volunteering.
  5. Volunteer 50 hours and get voted in by the village and move into a conestoga
  6. After 160 hours qualify to move into a larger wooden house and Sign Tiny Contract.
  7. Move in.
  8. When you reach 500 hours you are a full steward and permanent resident of Occupy Madison if you remain an active community member and follow contract and community agreement`

9 thoughts on “How do I get one?”

  1. If Tiny Houses become available..
    For Sale……Please contact : You Brenda Konkel and all the volunteers are Fabulous!! This world needs more Wonderful and selfless people like Y’all!! God Bless You and Yours!! Tx. Hugs, Brandy

  2. Are they only for single men? Can people with children get a tiny house? What about if you know someone who could use a tiny house but is unable to do the work can you volunteer for them? Thanks

    1. Only 2 people can live in them per city approvals. We don’t distinguish on what kind of people live in them. There are volunteer activities for anyone, we have lots of administrative and other tasks where people can volunteer.

    1. Due to the zoning requirements, its unlikely that another tiny house would meet the requirements of being in our village.

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