Double your donation week!

OM Build Tiny House Weekly Update:

Tiny Home Stimulus Package: All donations up to $10,000 until March 24th, 2014 will be matched by our special supporters. Please support our Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign by making a donation. All individual donations up $500 will be matched.
$5 = $10
$25 = $50
$50 = $100
$250 = $500
$500 = $1000
Click here to donate.

Houses 2 and 3 moving ahead: House 3 now has its pallet-wood siding (above), finished with a generous donation of paint from Madison Sherwin-Williams. Next, we begin work on roof trusses and interior paneling and prepare House 3 to move outside the shop. House 2 got its steel frame last week, moving it one big step closer to being road-worthy!

Shop hours this week:
Monday 2/17: 1pm-6pm Shop Manager: Keith V
Tuesday 2/18: 6:30-10pm Shop Manager: Robert B
Wednesday 2/19: 1pm-6pm Shop Manager: Keith V
Thursday 2/20: 3pm-7pm Shop Manager: Allen B
Friday 2/21: 4pm-6:30pm Shop Manager: Steve B
Friday 2/21: 6:30pm-10pm Shop Manager: Luca C

Shop location: 4235 Argosy Court, Suite B (Click here for map)

Sign-up procedure: We’re back to using the Volunteer Spot website, to help manage the increasing number of volunteers. Click here to sign in, choose an open shift and be at the shop ready to work at your chosen time. To maintain safety and be sure everyone has something useful to do, we’re limiting volunteers to 3 per shift. We work with volunteers at all skill levels, so don’t hesitate to volunteer simply because you lack construction experience. The most important qualification we look for is a willingness to learn, to take instructions from the Shop Manager and to follow all shop safety procedures.
Please come ready to work, dressed in work clothes that can get dirty or smeared with paint.

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