Weekly update! Lots going on!

OM Build Tiny House Weekly Update:


OM Build makes the news: Stories this week in the New York Times and Yes! Magazine gave some well-deserved attention to the growing national movement that sees tiny house communities as a creative response to homelessness. OM Build was featured, along with planned communities in Eugene Oregon and Austin Texas.


Shop Orientation: For people with experience building things with electric tools (DIY and professional). This is your chance to learn more about our Tiny Home factory and see if you’ve got what it takes to be an OM Build Shop Manager! We are especially eager to find people who can do Saturday and Sunday shifts. Saturday, March 1st Noon-2:00 pm at the OM Build shop, 4235 Argosy Court.


Grantwriting/Fundraising workshop: Help us put our new tiny house village on a sound financial footing by assisting with grant proposals. We also need help with on-line tools, editing, writing and planning events. No experience necessary! Sunday, March 2nd at 4:00pm at the Social Justice Center, 1202 Williamson


“Double your donation” program continues: All individual donations of $500 or less will be matched, up to a total of $10,000 until March 24th.Click here to donate.


Formal plan submitted for E. Johnson community: Our plan for a tiny-house community at E. Johnson and 3rd took a big step forward when we filed a proposal with the city for rezoning. More community meetings will follow, with a meeting of the plan commission in April and a Common Council vote on the project on May 6. Read the Wisconsin State Journal report.



This week in the shop: We begin construction of roof trusses on House 3 and start installing interior paneling and flooring. House 2 gets a door and finish work on the paneling and interior storage loft.


Shop hours this week:
Monday 2/24: 1pm-6pm Shop Manager: Keith V
Tuesday 2/25: 6:30-10pm Shop Manager: Robert B
Wednesday 2/26: 1pm-6pm Shop Manager: Keith V
Thursday 2/27: 3pm-7pm Shop Manager: Allen B
Friday 2/28: 4pm-6:30pm Shop Manager: Steve B
Friday 2/28: 6:30pm-10pm Shop Manager: Luca C

Shop location: 4235 Argosy Court, Suite B (Click here for map)

Sign-up procedure: We’re back to using the Volunteer Spot website, to help manage the increasing number of volunteers. Click here to sign in, choose an open shift and be at the shop ready to work at your chosen time. To maintain safety and be sure everyone has something useful to do, we’re limiting volunteers to 3 per shift. We work with volunteers at all skill levels, so don’t hesitate to volunteer simply because you lack construction experience. The most important qualification we look for is a willingness to learn, to take instructions from the Shop Manager and to follow all shop safety procedures.
Please come ready to work, dressed in work clothes that can get dirty or smeared with paint.

2 thoughts on “Weekly update! Lots going on!”

  1. Now this is what charity is all about! I do take issue however, that it’s thought government should be doing this. That’s NOT what government is for, nor should they be involved.

  2. Hello – I didn’t learn about your call for help with grant writing until today and, since I live in West Virginia, I couldn’t have attended even had I known. That said, I have a background in both journalism and construction and currently work as a grant writer for a local homeless shelter and service provider, so if there is anything I can do to help with the writing or editing of your grant proposals, please let me know. Best of luck with your efforts and please keep up the good work.

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