Sneak Peek at Preliminary Renderings and Permanent Plans for 1901 Aberg Ave.

Ok – so here’s a few drawings and some informaiton to get your imagination flowing about what the village at 1901 Aberg Ave will look like if we get permanent zoning.


To refresh people’s memories.  Last September we learned that we had an accepted offer to purchase the property at 1901 Aberg Ave.  We received temporary zoning to build the village with the promise that we would obtain permanent zoning by June 1st. In the past 5.5 months we:

    • Closed on the property November 6th
    • Fundraised over $800,000
    • Renovated the interior to include 8 showers, 4 washers and 4 dryers and a kitchen for the residents
    • Did exterior renovations – primarily a fence that runs the electricity for the huts.
    • Found space through Common Wealth Development ($1/mo) to build the huts and set up a tiny factory.
    • Built 34 huts in about 2.5 months (Nov – 1st week in Jan)
    • Processed and accepted 33 residents, 28 at 1901 Aberg and 5 additional residents at 304 N 3rd (temporary – will be moving mid-April)
    • Developed a governing structure for the new village and set up internal processes for 28 roommates to co-exist as peacefully as possible.
    • Developed the zoning application you see below for 1901 Aberg Ave
    • Completed the plans to move forward for renovations at 304 N 3rd St.
    • Have been in the process to find a 3rd property to move the huts to when we built the larger houses


    • February 17th – Application Submitted
    • March 1st – Yellow signs posted
    • March 17th – Would have been a neighborhood meeting if we could have had the alder work with us.  It wasn’t his fault, due to the election the alders are forbidden to use city resources to contact more than 50 people and we tried multiple times but the rules kept changing on us.  We couldn’t get anything to work and were shut down.  We will instead have a neighborhood meeting after the election.
    • April 14th – 4:30 Urban Design Commission
    • April 22nd or 27th – The dates Alder Abbas is available for a neighborhood meeting.
    • April 26th – 5:30 Plan Commission Meeting
    • May 4th – 6:30 City Council Meeting


Here’s all the technical stuff!

Here’s the most helpful parts of the 3 documents above:

This is what it looked like before we started:

Here’s what it pretty much already looks like inside after the temporary zoning and approvals of building permits.

This is the traditional site plans that most people look at to see what will be on the site:







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