Wiggie’s Memorabilia Silent Auction

Your man-cave or she-shed need a few new items?  Fan of Dale Klee (old car photos) or Ted Crow (sports caricatures)?  Packer’s fan?  Need a boatload of holiday decorations?  Music fan?  Need a Wiggie’s memento?  Or an old parking meter?  You just never know what you might find in our silent auction.

The auction will be on line 4/20 – 5/14 at midnight, just click here to see all the goodies.  You can pick up your winnings starting 5/15.  All proceeds will go to help with the ongoing costs (water, electricity, toilet paper – the necessities!) of our two villages.

If the silent auction is not your thing, you can donate through the donate button on this page or watch for our spring plant sale coming up May 8th!

Neighborhood Meeting Slides & 1901 Aberg Project Update

So much has been happening we haven’t had a lot of time to write about it!  Tonight we had our neighborhood meeting with Alder Syed Abbas and city staff.  I promised to get the slides from tonight up on the website – so they will follow this write up.

We received unanimous consent from Urban Design Commission on 4/14 to recommend approval to the Plan Commission. We have two more public meetings to go to get permanent zoning:

    • Plan Commission – Monday, April 26th (Agenda is already out and you can register now)
    • City Council Meeting – Tuesday, May 4th.

City staff recommended people send their comments to pccomments@cityofmadison.com.

And without further ado, here are the slides!

Full Presentation of slides

Celebrate Spring! Egg Hunt and Mini-Tour of New Village

Tomorrow (4/3) from 11 – 2 Occupy Madison is hosting a soft launch mini-open house with an Egg Hunt for the kids at 11:30.  The architect will be there with his latest drawing of what the village will look like when completed if we get our permanent zoning.  Looks like the weather will be great!  Feel free to share on Facebook as well!

Spring is here and at Occupy Madison we are ready to celebrate our new home, our new neighborhood, our new community. We are inviting neighborhood residents to come see the village, bring your kids for an egg hunt, preview the permanent zoning plans we have for 1901 Aberg and get to know your neighbors better. Egg hunt will be at 11:30 and there will be prizes for everyone – and secret surprises for whomever finds a tiny rubber duckie or a “Celebrate” message in their egg! Refreshments, and flower wreath making and more!

spring celebration


Sneak Peek at Preliminary Renderings and Permanent Plans for 1901 Aberg Ave.

Ok – so here’s a few drawings and some informaiton to get your imagination flowing about what the village at 1901 Aberg Ave will look like if we get permanent zoning. Continue reading “Sneak Peek at Preliminary Renderings and Permanent Plans for 1901 Aberg Ave.”

Finally! Sign Up to Volunteer!!!!

Finally!  We have a way for you to sign up for some of the first shifts!  We will add additional shifts as we sort out who is leading which activities.  There are 5 tabs right now:

    • weekday house building (starting Wednesday)
    • weekend house building (starting this weekend)
    • working at 304 N 3rd Street to get ready for 5 transition houses (this weekend)
    • working at 1901 Aberg Ave to build the fence, so we can install the electricity so we can move the newly built houses to the site (Nov 14 & 15)
    • accepting donations for the new village (Nov 14 & 15)
We will be adding more shifts and we’ll notify you when we do.  If you would like to volunteer for an activity that is not on this list, let us know!  We will be following up with several folks today who had specific offers, but if you don’t hear from us, feel free to nudge!
Also, donations of food and drinks for the volunteers would be greatly appreciated!  You can drop donations off a the sites during the work shifts.
Thank you for helping us make this a reality!
The Occupy Family

How are you getting zoning so quickly?

Much like the Streetery program for restaurants and bars, the city is allowing us a temporary use while we go through the full zoning process to create another tiny house village like the one we have at 304 N 3rd St.

This is the resolution that the Mayor and Alders Syed Abbas, Grant Foster and Tag Evers are sponsoring that is being introduced at the city council meeting on Tuesday for approval that evening.  (Recommendation in Legistar: RECOMMEND TO COUNCIL TO ADOPT UNDER SUSPENSION OF RULES 2.04, 2.05, 2.24, & 2.25 – MISC. ITEMS)

Allowing for the temporary establishment and regulation of a tiny house village at 1901 Aberg Avenue, in order to provide additional shelter to the increasing number of Madison residents experiencing homelessness during the COVID-19 pandemic and the coldest and most dangerous months of the year.

Here are the rules and regulations that will apply for the temporary use:

this Resolution also establishes the following rules and regulations that will apply to the temporary tiny house village at 1901 Aberg Avenue:

  • Occupy Madison, Inc. must provide a 20-foot wide fire lane located in accordance with the fire code as approved by the MadisonFire Department.
  • Occupy Madison, Inc. must provide and locate fire extinguishers as approved by the Madison Fire Department.
  • Occupy Madison, Inc. shall ensure that each sleeping unit must contain a working smoke alarm.
  • If the sleeping units are heated with electric heat, no Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors are required.  If the sleeping units are heated with any other heat source, Occupy Madison, Inc. shall ensure that CO detectors are provided in each sleeping unit.
  • If the property is secured by a perimeter fence, the operator must provide the Madison Fire Department with an approved key vault to allow 24/7 access.
  • If the property contains a fire ring, the fire ring must be located fifteen (15) feet from all combustibles, buildings, and property lines, and must be covered with a spark arrestor.
  • Occupy Madison, Inc. shall provide and regularly empty dumpsters for solid waste disposal, trash and recycling.
  • Occupy Madison, Inc. shall ensure that city water is provided from inside the existing principal structure on the property in compliance with building codes.
  • Occupy Madison, Inc. shall ensure that the existing principal structure on the property provides at least three (3) women’s toilets (3 stools) and three (3) men’s toilets (2 stools and 1 urinal).  There shall be no on-site compostable or camping toilets.  If necessary, porta-potties may be used to satisfy this requirement while permanent facilities are under construction but must be removed as soon as permanent facilities are available.  Occupy Madison, Inc. must ensure that construction begins as soon as possible.
  • Occupy Madison, Inc. shall ensure that the existing principal structure on the property includes functioning handwashing sinks.
  • Occupy Madison, Inc. shall ensure that the existing principal structure on the property includes at least one (1) shower for every ten (10) occupants of the tiny house village.
  • Occupy Madison, Inc. shall ensure a minimum of ten (10) feet between tiny houses.
  • Occupy Madison, Inc. shall ensure there is an emergency telephone accessible at all times for all occupants of the tiny house village.
  • Occupy Madison, Inc. shall ensure there is an appropriate registration process for on-site occupants.
  • Occupy Madison, Inc. shall ensure that no alcohol or drugs are consumed or possessed on the premises of 1901 Aberg Avenue during its temporary use as a tiny house village.
  • Occupy Madison, Inc. shall submit a site plan and operational plan to the Zoning Administrator showing compliance with all of the above requirements. The site plan and operational plan must be approved prior to placing any sleeping units on the property.
  • Occupy Madison, Inc. shall ensure that the site complies with all other relevant and applicable ordinances and statutory requirements, including applicable building code, health code, and fire code regulations.


  • The Madison Fire Department, Public Health Madison Dane County, and the Building Inspection Department shall be allowed to inspect the property in order to ensure initial and continued compliance with the above regulations
  • The Madison Fire Department, Public Health Madison Dane County, and the Building Inspection Department may as necessary modify the above rules and regulations
  • The above rules and regulations are enforceable by the Madison Fire Department, Public Health Madison Dane County, and Building Inspection Department and citations may be issued, if necessary to achieve compliance with the above regulations, utilizing bail deposits established in M.G.O. § 1.08(3)(b)
  • Failure to follow the rules and regulations of this temporary approval could result in the Common Council ending this temporary approval at any time by passing a subsequent Resolution
  • Resolution and any approvals allowed pursuant to it will expire on June 1, 2021

It takes a community to build a village!

Here at Occupy Madison, we are 100% volunteer driven and reliant on community funding and support.  Up to this point, we have not had any government money in our project.


In order to build this new village, we know we will need some further support.  We estimate we will be putting in $387,000 in cash ($138,000) and sweat equity/volunteer time ($249,000) and still we will need $450,000 from Dane County to support the project.  It will cost us $250,000 to purchase the property, $125,000 to renovate the building for the temporary use and $50,000 to build the houses.

Want to help?  Donate here.


We estimate it will costs approximately $50,000 a year to operate the new village.  This includes the cost of electricity to the homes, as well insurance, water, gas and electric for the building, cleaning supplies, internet, village maintenance, etc  We will be receiving no government funding for this part of the project.

Want to help?  Donate here.


    • New truck
    • Passenger Van
    • Indoor space (2,000-5,000 sq ft) for October – December so we can build the houses indoors and safely socially distance.
    • Chop Saw
    • 2 new cordless drills
    • Nail gun
    • Bolt cutter
    • Welcome kits (sheets, blankets, pillows, household items – no kitchen supplies please)

To donate items, email occupymadisoninc@gmail.com


We could use volunteers for some very specific tasks:

    • Pictures/Video of the creation of the village
    • Help us create our on-line store
    • Help us create an on-line auction
    • Carpenters with teaching skills to volunteer weekly to run a volunteer shift
    • Help with fundraising
    • Social media and blogging about our journey
    • Volunteers to help create items for our on-line store (woodworking, jewelry, using the loom, hand sewn items and other crafts)
    • Help scheduling volunteers
    • Help scheduling people who want to get houses
    • Help purchasing materials for building homes
    • Help with thank you notes to all our donors.

If interested, please email occupymadisoninc@gmail.com.

We will also need volunteers to help build the houses once our funding is secured.  Stayed tuned for that.   You can sign up to volunteer here.

(Posted on October 12)

Plans for 1901 Aberg Ave

Occupy Madison has a 2 step plan for the property at 1901 Aberg Ave.


For the winter of 2020-2021 Occupy Madison plans to place 28 “tinier” (60 sq ft) Conestoga Style huts on the property.  These huts are cheaper and faster to building than the “tiny” homes (98 sq ft) we have at 304 N. 3rd St.  These huts would be occupied primarily by people currently sleeping in tents in parks and other areas around Madison

For this phase we would also renovate the inside of the building to include showers, laundry and a non-commercial kitchen for resident use.


Phase 2 would involve getting a planned development zoning approval from the city of Madison.  The second phase would have fewer houses and we would transition to our larger “tiny” houses.  With the second phase we would also determine what additional uses may go with the property (coffee shop, retail store, bakery, etc.)

Want to help?  Donate here.

(article posted on October 12)


Occupy Madison re-awakens with new plans

COVID-19, like for many others, has really changed Occupy Madison. While we have been shut down, we have been trying to figure out what we can do to help the community.

In August we wrote a proposal to build 100 tiny houses. 50 conestoga style houses and 50 of our tinier homes. We asked for $483,000 to pay for staff to manage the project, insurance, utilities, portapotties and hand washing stations.

At the time, we did not have any property for lease or under contract to purchase.

Needless to say, the project did not score well and we were not funded.

Realizing that we needed land to be successful in getting funding for our vision of a new village or two, we started a property search. This is how quickly things have been moving for us.

    • Wednesday, September 23 – Look at the property, check zoning, comp plan, OMSAP
    • Saturday, September 26 – Email county to see if there was a funding possibility with COVID funds (need to be spent by end of year)
    • Sunday, September 27th – Occupy Madison membership meeting, agreed to put in an offer
    • Monday, September 28th – We put in the offer (contingent on zoning and financing)
    • Tuesday, September 29th – Had a meeting with city set up to discuss our plans (Phase 2 at 304 N 3rd St and failed grants we wrote in August) with Community Development and Zoning (tinier houses)
    • Wednesday, September 30th – Offer accepted.
    • Thursday & Friday, October 1 & 2 – work with alders and supervisors to figure out possibility of zoning and funding passing
    • Saturday, October 3rd – Notify Neighborhood
    • Monday, October 5th – State Journal Article

Initially we were aiming to have a funding resolution through the county board by October 15th and a zoning ordinance change from the city on October 20th.  We were working with the contractors to get people into a finished property by Christmas.

Those timelines have been changed.  The county won’t consider any proposal until November 5th.  The city won’t consider a zoning ordinance change until November 17th.   Meanwhile, Alder Syed Abbas is planning a neighborhood meeting the last week in October.

Want to help?  Donate here.

(article posted on October 12)