Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Big thank you to all those who turned out and all the help to get OM Build this far. It truly is amazing what people can do when they work together. It truly is a grass roots effort with no contributions of money from local government, and all volunteer run.

Check out our Facebook Volunteer Page to become involved in the next steps! And check out our donation page if you have a couple of dollars to donate — we had a hiccup with the link this past week, which is now fixed.

Lucigen-10-24-2014 (9 of 11) Lucigen-10-24-2014 (8 of 11)

10 thoughts on “Ribbon Cutting Ceremony”

  1. I would like to see the end use of your project! Where are the pics of needy homeless people being housed?

    1. Most of our photos are on facebook on a page called OM Build. That is where we update the photos the most. We have some students working on our website to get it better updated, but we are all volunteers. One house has had two people living in it for almost a year. Two more houses will be occupied as soon as we clear city inspection, hopefully this week.

  2. Trying to do this in AZ. However were thinking of Mobile Homes of Trailers..please send any information With. Veterans United of Az. Frankie Lyons is Our President. dogdaze@gmail.com

  3. I live in Santa Rosa Ca, and they is alot of homeless people out on the street right now. And the rent just went up in Sonoma County. I think your idea is a great one, it is like we do not exist. I myself have a place that I moved into to in February.My friend and I were homeless for 6 months and I m 53and my friend is 57 we had not been homeless for 10 years. Being on the for that 6months was messed up for us, but we made it. I have to one thing God is good all the time.

  4. My Aunt asked a great question – do these tiny homes have heat & electric in them? I assumed they did but couldn’t give her an honest answer.

  5. wow what wonderful work praise jesus for people who still care next week when I have some money I will.donate some this brought me to tears today

  6. God Bless everyone that worked to make this happen. God bless the families that live there as well. This is soooo awesome. It really touch my spirit to see that you all have the love of God in you. Wow. I pray that thus will spread throughout the world. Truly awesome. God Bless.

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