Move In Day!

On Friday, November 21, we got the Occupancy Permit for the Village. On Saturday, November 22, 2014, Betty and Chris who have been living in their house for nearly a year, on the street where they have to move it every 24 or 48 hours to comply with parking requirements and without running water or electricity, are moving to their new home! With running water, electricity, flush toilets, showers and a community. The move is a big change. They’ve been through a lot with Occupy, with no legal place to live for so long. They have also been the center of a lot of media attention being the “first” in our grand adventure. Join us in welcoming them home!

5 thoughts on “Move In Day!”

  1. US govt. Should give incentive for such initiative n encourage corporates to donate liberally …SUCH A NOBLE cause !!Kudos !!

  2. This is a wonderful thing this community has done.
    I would like to see the inside, also the process of how they choose who gets one of the homes etc.

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