Funding for Occupy Madison Inc Projects

Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway has proposed using federal spending for the needs of the houseless in Madison and specifically Occupy Madison. The mayor’s blog post can be found here.

The part of the post that impacts the organization:

Homelessness Support – $8,650,000. Funding supports a variety of strategies to support persons experiencing homelessness in Madison such a permanent men’s shelter and additional tiny houses, including an Occupy Madison Solar Project that will reduce housing costs.

We have been talking about having a solar array for years, and funding has always been a major obstacle. Our proposal is to have a solar array on the rooves of the main buildings at both villages and panels on every tiny house. This will not only cut operational costs so funds can be directed towards getting people into houses and a healing community, but we will also be doing our part to contribute to a green infrastructure.

We are currently working on finishing Phase 2 of OM Village, adding another shower, laundry facilities, a kitchen, and a community room to the existing building. After this is complete, we will be able to move four more people into the village and focus on building 22 tiny houses to replace the conestoga huts at the village on Aberg Avenue. Simultaneously, we are looking at more properties in Madison to put more tiny houses to get the unhoused into housing.

Link for how to get a tiny house here. How to volunteer and donate are on this site in the menu above.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Big thank you to all those who turned out and all the help to get OM Build this far. It truly is amazing what people can do when they work together. It truly is a grass roots effort with no contributions of money from local government, and all volunteer run.

Check out our Facebook Volunteer Page to become involved in the next steps! And check out our donation page if you have a couple of dollars to donate — we had a hiccup with the link this past week, which is now fixed.

Lucigen-10-24-2014 (9 of 11) Lucigen-10-24-2014 (8 of 11)

Fundraiser tomorrow May 9th! Silent Auction

Please come to our fundraiser, at the Brink Madison, from 5 pm to 7 pm on Friday May 9th. Face book event here. We are very excited to celebrate the Madison City Council unanimously voting to allow us to purchase the property on Johnson Street this past Tuesday! We have a packed month and just enough money for closing, so we appreciate whatever donations people are able to make. Nobody will be turned away though for lack of funds. Big thank you to local companies donating for the cause including Dexter’s Pub & Tip Top Tavern.

Some of the awesome upcycled pallets by OM members are below. Check them out below. More on our photo album of auction items.

OM-Build-Fundraiser-05-2015-17 OM-Build-Fundraiser-05-2015-20 OM-Build-Fundraiser-05-2015-22