It takes a community to build a village!

Here at Occupy Madison, we are 100% volunteer driven and reliant on community funding and support.  Up to this point, we have not had any government money in our project.


In order to build this new village, we know we will need some further support.  We estimate we will be putting in $387,000 in cash ($138,000) and sweat equity/volunteer time ($249,000) and still we will need $450,000 from Dane County to support the project.  It will cost us $250,000 to purchase the property, $125,000 to renovate the building for the temporary use and $50,000 to build the houses.

Want to help?  Donate here.


We estimate it will costs approximately $50,000 a year to operate the new village.  This includes the cost of electricity to the homes, as well insurance, water, gas and electric for the building, cleaning supplies, internet, village maintenance, etc  We will be receiving no government funding for this part of the project.

Want to help?  Donate here.


    • New truck
    • Passenger Van
    • Indoor space (2,000-5,000 sq ft) for October – December so we can build the houses indoors and safely socially distance.
    • Chop Saw
    • 2 new cordless drills
    • Nail gun
    • Bolt cutter
    • Welcome kits (sheets, blankets, pillows, household items – no kitchen supplies please)

To donate items, email


We could use volunteers for some very specific tasks:

    • Pictures/Video of the creation of the village
    • Help us create our on-line store
    • Help us create an on-line auction
    • Carpenters with teaching skills to volunteer weekly to run a volunteer shift
    • Help with fundraising
    • Social media and blogging about our journey
    • Volunteers to help create items for our on-line store (woodworking, jewelry, using the loom, hand sewn items and other crafts)
    • Help scheduling volunteers
    • Help scheduling people who want to get houses
    • Help purchasing materials for building homes
    • Help with thank you notes to all our donors.

If interested, please email

We will also need volunteers to help build the houses once our funding is secured.  Stayed tuned for that.   You can sign up to volunteer here.

(Posted on October 12)

2 thoughts on “It takes a community to build a village!”

  1. Do you have a web page with location of where and photos of this OM Village. More detailed information of how long has the village been in existence The back ground story. Thanks.

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