Plant Sale Preview – Pre-orders now available!

Plants available for sale now! More to come!

Plants are now available for sale here! Be sure once you are there  to click on “order now” to see all the plants!

This year we are using Purple Cow organic soils

Our plant sale will be fully live later this week, but for now, we know we have a certain amount of plants available and will be adding several more.

If interested in the sneak peak, you can view what we now have available.  Be sure to also check back later in the week!

Pick up plants as early as this weekend!

At this point, any plants ordered by Friday (5/7) at 10pm  can be picked up Saturday after 12pm.

Plants ordered on Saturday (5/8) can be picked up on Sunday (3/9).

After that pick ups will be as follows:

    • For orders placed between Monday 12 pm and Thursday 12 pm, pick up is that Friday after 12 pm
    • For orders placed between Thursday 12 pm and Monday 12 pm, pick up is Tuesday after 12 pm



Occupy Madison COVID19 Pandemic and Community Needs Response

Occupy Madison is honoring our roots and working on ways we can creatively use our assets to support the community by filling gaps to support people in need. Occupy Madison remains open as long as none of our residents are sick but we are exercising the following precautions to protect our family and community members:

  • Our store is closed except for online sales.
  • We have suspended tours of the village and potlucks.
  • Volunteers to care for the plants are welcome at the village unless any resident objects.
  • Shop shifts are determined by the individual shop managers, shifts are limited to 4 people. Shifts will be suspended upon request of any resident.
  • Cleaning
    • Spray down toilets and sinks before and after use
    • Regularly cleaning door handles and surfaces
  • No more than 10 people in the store, shop and public outdoor areas.
  • Use Google hangouts for all meetings, in person visits allowed unless or until residents object
  •  If a resident gets infected by COVID19, the following procedures will be followed:
      1. Designate a bathroom for people with COVID19
      2. Plan to bring food to the person who has to stay in their house
      3. Residents will send Brenda their emergency contacts.

For more information on how we are filling gaps, please see our GMM and Board Meeting notes.